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Conscious lyrics are presented with unique progressions.  The music of Adrian Avocado comes from the wisdom of the soul.  Spontaneously learning how to overtone sing from communing with sacred geometry, and with throat singing beat boxing, this style is even more unique.  Recored with Donny Regal in Maui, back up singers include Prem Tamayo, Deborah Dove, Shoshana, Tim I, and Peter Priori.



This video is about moma nature
Representing the Water and Ether Elements, this shape and techniques of it's construction are discovered and created by Adrian Andrejeff. The Icosahedron and Dodecahedron outer frame define the six circles of the Icosiedodecahedron with a ten pointed star in each circle; creating the inner shape which would make the shadow of an Icosiedodecahedron, except there are not the actual triangles and pentagons, but crisscrossing lines which make the appearance of them, which makes it a hyper geometry.