The last 3 years I’ve lived in Maui I have had the opportunity to study the healing powers of the Polynesian, Ayurvedic, and Chinese herbs which grow in gardens, and as weeds in Hawaii, under the guidance of local herbalists, (such as David Leonard Bruce), through books, and personal experience. Now, we have formulated an entirely organic, wild-crafted, Maui Balm, well rounded in attributes to cover most skin ailments, and also works on deeper issues with muscles, nerves, and connective tissue. I have been making salve professionally for over 16 years, and use my experience to create high quality products, using peak potency herbs, preserved and concentrated with the utmost care. Our herbs are well renowned and some are rare:

Noni is the queen of the Hawaiian pharmacopeia, already internationally acclaimed for anti- fungal, anti -microbial, and immune boosting properties

Lemongrass is relaxing, anti-inflammatory, and repels mosquitoes

Gotu- Kola is a nervine and useful for cell reproduction and regeneration

Eclipta strengthens hair and bones, and nourishes the body with minerals

Tulsi is the queen of Ayurvedic herbs, and is an anti-inflammatory and immune stimulant

Plantain (known as band aid plant) is astringent and can draw out irritants and speed up healing time as well as;

Comfrey through increased cell proliferation. Both of these local western plants combined with noni often significantly reduce pain and swelling of injured area.

Soursop leaf also protects immunity and has been used with some success in cancer research.

These statements are anecdotal, and have not been evaluated by the FDA, and this product is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure. Please ask an educated health provider for advice with this product.


We have received great feedback on the conditions Maui Super Balm Salve has helped with and are open to your feedback on our magic herbal salve face book page.